This page is for all of the students who have signed up for my Falcons Care group and their parents.  This is where you will find all of the resources and updates, relating to our virtual tour of the world. 

The devices we will be using for our expeditions are the view master headsets, created by Mattel.  These devices allow for students to access the sound features (if they bring in their own headphones), the ability to focus the image, and are made of an easily cleaned plastic.  For more information on this device, look here:  
Students will be using school owned ipods, as the internal devices.  When placed inside the viewer, the double image, seen above, will be translated into a 3D environment to explore.  Students will be encouraged to look at certain aspect of each tour, but are free to explore at their own pace.

Google Expedition app and warning information below:

In the Expeditions app, which you are able to download on your personal smart devices, students and teachers will select a role.  The teacher will be the "leader" and the student will be a "follower".  The above image shows a leader's screen view, which will help the teacher guide students through the images they are viewing and provide educational information to accompany the scene.  All VR trips taken during Falcon's Care will revolve around increasing global awareness and empathy for our world.  There are over 600 google expedition to date.  There are many expeditions, which are outside of our topic, which we will not be covering.  If you are interested in looking at all of the expeditions available, check the list here:


Please be aware of the terms of service agreement, which appears at the startup of this application.  This warning is posted to the right and includes valuable information about the proper use and safety precautions, while on a VR expedition.  As with most field trips, a permission slip is required.  Please download the permission slip, below, and return it to Mrs. Bott asap.  We will begin using the devices on 10/18/17.  Any student, without a signed permission slip, will not be able to use the view master headsets.  If you are unable to download and print this permission slip, please see Mrs. Bott immediately for a paper copy.